service is introduced laboratory Solution Putty related problem and Solution
Ⅰ, Color difference,
The reasons:
1, Putty powder itself is semi-finished products, raw materials instability is one of the main reasons leading to color difference, due to mineral powder quality is different because of different mining region, if not pay attention to deployment, there will be the color difference for different batches.

2, Because the suppliers use the "make up the number" approach to make the low-grade raw materials mixed delivery, because that the purchase quantity is large and it can not be spot checked in one by one, resulting in individual "a fish slip through the net" mixed in the production which led to individual color difference.

3, Due to production pesonnel's mistake in mixing different gradesof raw materials together causes the color difference,or different grades of raw materials mixed in the production scraped on the same wall cause the color difference.

Handling solutions:
1, Color difference is generally not a recipe problem, so there is no quality problems, if the walls to be painted can generally be covered past with the paint, will not affect the overall decorative effect, if  walls no need painted with two or three batch scraped putty powder appear the color difference, it is recommended to be scraped one more batch of putty powder or paint.

2, All involved in the production and construction personnel should be in strict accordance with the relevant standards for production and construction, to avoid the man-made quality problems.
Note: In the course of the construction, such as the color difference problem, should be timely feedback to the supplier, if color difference appears when in the first scrape , it should be adjusted in time, the same batch of products are scraped to the last layer.
Ⅱ, Surface putty powder off
The reasons:
1, The construction reasons: As the paint master repeatedly scrape the wall when in the last light collection construction that cause the slight peeling of the wall, after the wall drying, it will appear the powder off phenomenon.

2, Man-made reasons: Due to that putty is not dry when in the last consturction that encounter external dust attached to the wall (cutting operations, winds, the floor cleaning, etc.) that cause the powder off  illusion.  

3, The production reasons: The production staff carelessly put the proportion of the formula raw materials wrong or the machine malfunction that resulting in formula instability that cause the powder off .

Handling solutions:
1, The construction master in the last layer of light collectoin construction should pay attention to the surface humidity of the putty, too dry will cause the peeling and powder off, the knife scar should be repaired level when in the light collection construction, and the wall putty can't be dry scraped for many times.

2, Such as the emergence of dust attached to the wall cause the powder off illusion, should remove the dust with feather duster after the decoration finished, or with clean water and clean cloth can be clean well.

3, If there is a quick drying powder off, the company's technical personnel shall arrive at the site to identify whether it is caused by formula problem.
Note: If it is the products formula problem, the symptoms will be not good scraping, quick-drying, loose putty after complete dry, easy powder off, and  easy crack, and so on.

Ⅲ, The moldy
The reasons:
Wall layer curtain wall, the raw materials  is the sand and cement mixed mortar, the acidity is relatively high, so it easily produce the acidification alkali reaction in the skirting lines or wall leakage that will cause the wall body hair, moldy, shell, powder off, and so on.
Handling solutions:
To remove the moldy and shelly wall parts with the clean water will be clean the wall, if there are any leaks metope , it should put an end to water in time and scrape the alkali resistant putty powder after the after metope complete dry.
Note: the general appearance of the wall moldy, it basicly is the spring high temperature in  weather. (Commonly known as water south)

Ⅳ, Quick dry problems
The caused reasons:
1, Due to the relatively hot weather in summer, high temperature, faster evaporation of water, the water evaporate quick when in the scraping construction that usually appears in the second scraping  construction.

2, The production reasons: The production staff carelessly put the proportion of the formula raw materials wrong or the machine malfunction that resulting in formula instability that cause the phenomenon of quick-drying.

Handling solutions:
1, The construction temperature should not be higher than 35 ℃, the number of putty scraping more than two, putty powder should not be too thin or the material should not be to stirred too thin.

2, If there is a quick-dry phenomenon, we suggest that the construction should be completed at least 2 hours before the last construction, and the next construction can be done when the surface gets dry,  which can reduce the quick-dry  phenomenon.

Ⅴ, Pinhole problem
The caused reason:
1, It is a normal phenomenon that the pinholes appear when scraping the first line. Because in the first batch of scraping, putty powder layer is thicker, and should not be flat, after the peace, will affect the adhesion of the second. Two, three pinholes usually is some more uneven walls, because the local uneven feeding more, slow dry, scraper is difficult to place the concave putty powder layer compaction, which will produce some pinhole phenomenon.

2, Due to lack of light during construction will lead to the construction workers ignore the smaller pinhole on the wall, ignoring the delay in the flat and lead to a number of pinhole phenomenon..

Handling solutions:
1,For the uneven walls,try to fill in  when doing the first construction (because the small pinhole will not affect the second construction's normal operaion of ). This can help to scrape the second, and the third putty powder layer close flat, and can reduce the emerging of pinhole.

2, In the construction we should pay attention to light, in case of bad weather, the light line is insufficient, or the nightfall time light line comes from the bright to dark, we should carry out the construction under the rib of the lighting equipment, so as to avoid the pinhole problem caused by construction mistakes
Note: Putty powder viscosity is relatively high or slow dry that will produce some pinhole phenomenon, we should pay attention to the rationality of product formulations.

Ⅵ, Delamination problems
The caused reasons:
1, Due to the use of waterproof putty powder belongs to the type in a slow, the former constuction layer product scraping on the wall will come hardener with the extension of time or by the weather and water, the interval time is long between former construction and the last construction, when the last construction completed then began to polish, the outer loose and easier to polish, when some places worn to the former, because the former construction layer placed a longer time, hard, not easy polished, so grinding out the wall two different effects, it will form a similar delamination  of the phenomenon.

2, In the last scraping, the press too hard, too smooth, long time interval is affected by the weather, water and other effects, it will form an outer surface film and the surface hardness is different, when polished, due to the different surface membrane and the hardness of the surface layer is loose, easy to be worn deep. The membrane with high hardness, not easy to polish, it will form delamination phenomenon.

1, After a former construction is done, due to other reasons can not be a one time complete construction that leads to interval time longer,  or due to weather **, rainy season, water and other reasons; we suggest that the next construction should be approved scraping two layer putty Powder, so you can avoid grinding end in the grinding that will produce the the delamination phenomenon.

2,  In the last scraping, should be careful not to press too hard too smooth, the metope that needs polishing cannot receive light, just the surface of the pinhole, knife marks can be closed flat. if the weather * * (commonly known as water south), the rainy season should suspend operation, such as the weather improved before operation. If you have finished scraping the last road, when the weather, rain, should be polished the next day, to avoid the wall surface film water back to hard, resulting in grinding, delamination.

1, The wall metope after compacted and polished should not be grinded;
2, In the rainy season, we should stop the operation, especially in mountainous areas where the weather is changeable, should pay special attention to..
3, After water resistant putty powder construction,  in the normal circumstances , should be better within a week grinding.



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