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Ceramic tile construction, common problems, solutions

Ⅰ, The back of tile appears the hollow phenomenon
1 Use the larger size gear scraper

2 Increase the inclination of the profile scraper and the base surface

, The rack gule layer is not uniform
1 The scraping thickness of the mortar is not enough.
2, the hole has been dry glue, should be cleaned tooth scraper.
3, Slow down the scraping speed.
4, Glue adhesive mixing is not uniform, the glue should be fully stirred.

, The bond is not strong
1, The base surface is loose (dust, etc.), should be cleaned.
2, There is water, should be dry to no clear water.
3, There are oil contamination, stain, should be cleaned.

Ⅳ, When sticking, tile or stone falls
1, The slurry is too thin, open pulp should be in proportion to add water
2, Tile or stone weight is too large, should be built from top to bottom

, When checking, the back of the tile no glue or adhesive area is insufficient
1, The weather is hot and dry, and each scraping area is too large, resulting in part of the slurry surface water loss.
2, Should be reduced each scraping mortar area, hand without touch no glue paste, should be wiped mortar again after scraping

, There is the hollow whec checking
1, More than adjusted time to force adjustment, take out the pulp
2, the thickness of mortar is not enough and needed to fill pulp.

Ⅶ,  Lack of cohesive force
1, Tiles glue model selection is not appropriate, see the use of instructions.
2, Slurry mixing is uniform



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