service is introduced laboratory Solution Technical measures to overcome cracks in wall thermal insulation project
1.) The crack resistance of the anti crack protection layer is the main contradiction, and the special anti cracking mortar must be used and the reasonable reinforcement net must be adopted,
Adding proper amount of polymer and fiber to mortar is effective for controlling cracks.

2.) By the plastering mortar and enhance the anti crack protective layer net composed of the whole system plays a more critical crack resistance effect. The deformation should be greater than the worst-case limit, the deformation of the flexible tensile mortar (dry shrinkage deformation, deformation, deformation temperature, humidity and chemical deformation) and primary deformation and the protective layer, so as to ensure the requirement of crack resistance crack resistance. Compound in the mortarreinforced network (such as the use of fiberglass mesh cloth), on the one hand can effectively increase the tensile strength of the anti crack protective layer, on the other hand, can effectively disperse stress, can be originally may have wider cracks (crack) dispersed into many smaller cracks (cracks) to form the anti cracking effect. It is important for early alkali resistance coating material and surface coated on glass fiber cloth, glass fiber varieties and has the decisive significance to the long-term alkali resistance.

3.) Decoration layer of materials not only to crack, but also breathable (moisture) and with the insulation layer coordination, it is best to choose elastic exterior wall coating.
Other Interface layer, insulation layer, bonding and reinforcement materials should also be supplied by professional manufacturers to improve the traceability of quality problems.



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