service is introduced laboratory Solution All kinds of Problems and Solution for Detergent Production
1. Too much foam during the mixing:
It is a normal phenomenon, the main reasons is too shallow, too little water to form, it will appear overnight naturally.

2. Too slippery of water solvent:
Too much wire drawing powder dosage, which might lead to the slippery. Try to reduce the amount of wire powder dosage. And strong alkaline water solvent might also cause can the slippery phenomenon.

3. Short Product Quality Guarantee time:
 Maybe not enough of anti-corrosive dosage.if putting enough anti-corrosive, still there is sudden deterioration you may find a couple of reasons: turnover barrel, production tool, package’s bacterial infection, anti-corrosive content, water quality, climate change, temperature might all affect the shelf life.

4. Weak Thickening and Summer Dilution:
Adding a proper amount of HPMC thickening agent of detergent, attention maybe the salt ratio is not correct. So first to eliminate the wrong salt ratio situation, then you can add the thickening agent.

5. Precipitation Phenomenon:
If it has just been produced, it may be the reason that the raw material has not been dissolved and has got thickened. The raw material can not be dissolved after getting thickened i. And may be the homogeneous mixing is too sloppy. with long time, precipitation phenomenons occur and get deteriorated.

6. How to sterilize in the workshop
In the workshop, every 100㎡ there should be a purple-light lamp for sterilization. 

7. Not much foam:
Adding AES

8. Deterioration:
Forget to add the anti-corrosive, too little anti-corrosive and bacterial cross infection, etc. Try to find the remedy on your own. The anti-corrosive should be added for all the 4 seasons and more in Summer less in Winter.

9. Getting thinned:
If the getting thinned and stinky is caused by deterioration, it is a bacteria infection problem. Should strengthen the sterilization work in the workshop. Also maybe in the course of using bacteria infection problem. It is normal phenomenon getting thinned if under hot weather situation. Adding a proper amount of HPMC thickening agent for detergent is OK.

10. Water Quality Requirements:
For over two months shelf life, deionized water production is required. Otherwise, the metal ions in the water will weaken the effect of the active agent. Deionized water needs production of water treatment. For those without conditions, you can add the new metal ion chelating agent to the water.

11. Product Not clear and Transparent,
Eliminating the too much salt reason, you can add a small amount of water cleaner.

12. Protection Requirements:
Production needs self glove to avoid high concentration raw material’s degrease effect to sin. No using hand to touch the material directly. If skin disease is caused, you can buy Kurae Ointment to heal it.

13. Getting thinned in few days
Too fast salt adding speed, the bottom salt has not dissolved but the upper has already got thickened, after a few days the bottom salt dissolved, the general salt is over, it turns into water when the salt is over.

14. Not enough wiring:
Adding wiring powder, 50g for every 100kg water. No exceeding.

15. How to remedy when the products are insufficiently thickening
Adding some HPMC as thickening agent for detergent, it gets thickened right way after adding HPMC.

16. What to do if too much salt:
Prepare one detergent with the same amount, don’t add any salt, adjusting the ration after mixing.

17. How to produce yellow detergent
Adding lemon-yellow pigment, 1g for every 100g water.



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